Adele in the Studio With Her Team

Adele is currently working with her team. Old acquaintances like Paul Epworth (producer of Rolling in the Deep) as well as new collaborators who helped write 25 are back on board.

She sings about female rites of passage—19 was for adolescence, 21 marked her transition into adulthood, 25 is about relationships–with powerful and poignant songs that may provoke deep emotions in listeners. Her songs may even give listeners chills.

How did she get started?

Adele is one of the best-selling singers of the 21st century, breaking records in sales while her concerts sell out almost instantly. She has assembled an A-Team of world-class producers and managers to keep her show on tour; even children enjoy listening to Adele. Adele recently broke another record when 25 went straight to No 1 across 110 countries – even surpassing Oasis’ Be Here Now (sorry Noel Gallagher!).

Back when Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen first made waves with songs about their relationships, music execs were on the lookout for another hitmaker. A producer at XL heard Adele perform and immediately informed his boss Jonathan Dickins who quickly agreed to represent her and began managing her.

What’s her voice like?

Adele is an experienced mezzo-soprano with a three octave vocal range. Her sound is rich, full, and full of character.

She uses her vocal timbre to convey different lyrics in her songs – whether she’s singing about an old flame (Rolling In The Deep) or searching for meaning from someone close (Someone Like You), her singing seems natural and not forced.

She used to belt more frequently, but her throat surgery in 2011 revolutionized her style of singing. Since then, she uses all parts of her voice instead of simply belting out high notes at high volume; this makes performances more engaging for audiences while keeping ears attentive. Furthermore, instead of belting out chart-topper choruses like she once did with gusto, she opts for careful dynamics as an artistic choice that preserves voice quality while remaining engaging for audiences.

How did she get her first hit?

Adele stands out in a music industry crowded by copycat musicians that sound alike and follow trends, with her raw honesty and heartfelt melodies that cross generations.

She honing her craft at the BRIT performing arts school (where Leona Lewis and Jessie J were also studying), before graduating in 2006. A friend uploaded three demo songs to MySpace which caught the attention of London-based record label XL Records and led to them offering her an album contract.

They signed her and released her debut album 19, which quickly rose to instantaneous success. Following a performance on Saturday Night Live, Chasing Pavements shot up to number one on iTunes.

What’s her style like?

Adele has never been shy about showing off her infectious sense of humor. From hosting parties for friends and putting on shows for us all to performing skits on Saturday Night Live, she never fails to leave us in stitches!

Style icon Jennifer Garner has also evolved with age; during her early twenties she donned ballet pumps and jeans; since turning 21 her look has taken on glamorous vintage flair featuring beading, A-line silhouettes and fedora hats.

She returned with her signature cat eyes and Brigit Bardot-inspired big hair for performances, but also began wearing color on the red carpet. At Las Vegas residency dates with boyfriend Rich Paul she donned floor length sequin dresses as well as velvet for courtside dates instead of just sticking to black dresses as is often the case with performers.

What’s her story?

Adele has made quite an impactful career journey. At a time when recorded music has seen its value halved, Adele has offered hope to the industry and proven that there can be money made if one takes the proper approach.

Adele soon after graduated school and worked as a junior leader for her church, offering advice to young girls with home and school problems. She quickly discovered she had an impressive knack of communicating with children – something which proved extremely popular with them.

She began writing songs and posting them to MySpace before being discovered by a music manager from independent label XL Recordings, who signed her to their roster of independent labels in 2008. By 2008 she released her debut album entitled 19, named for her age at that time, with hit singles like Rolling in the Deep and Someone Like You becoming hits for fans around the globe.