Adele Laurie Blue Adkins

Adele is one of the few stars who has the ability to restore faith in the music industry after its decline over recent years. For an industry that has lost half its value over this time period, she represents hope.

Singer Adele first made an impactful statement with her album 19, featuring Hometown Glory about Tottenham. Since then she’s enjoyed multiple chart-toppers like Rolling in the Deep and Skyfall from James Bond theme song Skyfall soundtrack.

The Biography

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins hails from Tottenham in North London. After leaving comprehensive school for BRIT School in Croydon to study music under Etta James (who she frequently refers to), Adele auditioned on both X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent but ultimately didn’t win; instead her friend posted her demo onto MySpace where it later led to Adele releasing her first album 19 in 2008.

It was an instantaneous success – one of the best-selling albums of all time. She released several chart-topping singles including Rolling in the Deep and Set Fire to the Rain – even singing Skyfall as part of the Bond theme song suite!

Philanthropist, MBE and wife to charity entrepreneur Simon Konecki; mother, personal tragedy. Much of her signature authenticity lies within pain; she has perfected vocally conveying what it feels like to endure pain.

The Album

Adele debuted with her debut album 19, named for the age at which it was recorded, on 21 December 2009 and quickly become one of the best-selling records of this century in both Britain and America. It quickly reached number one.

Adele experienced an excruciating throatache while performing at Paris’ Olympia for her album tour and was terrified she’d ruptured a vocal cord; having experienced much hardship thus far in her career she needed to remain fully fit if it was going to succeed.

Adele cancelled shows and took time off, seeking help from doctors before eventually returning to stage two months later with 21 – a brassy ballad about relationships that ended badly – rocketing directly to No 1. In doing so, Adele established herself as a bonafide pop superstar.

The Tour

Adele returned to touring in 2016 in support of her 25 album and it proved an enormously popular show, selling out almost instantly.

Adele’s tour encountered some hiccups, with ongoing health and voice problems leading to her postponing some shows; nonetheless, she kept fans updated via her Facebook page, and the rescheduled shows were equally incredible.

Creative Technology was pleased to be an integral part of Adele’s massive tour, working alongside Richard Young’s production team and working on designing an elegant video set-up featuring multiple layers. Audiences loved Adele’s powerful vocals while being showcased by her captivating music. Graham Miller from CT Head of Music and Touring said it was an absolute pleasure working alongside such an amazing creative team as Es Devlin, Patrick Woodroffe and Luke Halls on such an exceptional design, adding “Working alongside such brilliant people was an absolute joy; working alongside such creatives was absolutely enjoyable and it was our pleasure providing the various video solutions required by the production.”

The People

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins (nee Evans) exudes natural charisma that endears her to others. Rather than dominating an audience with force on stage, Adele quietly commands it with her voice and presence.

She is also the force behind her multi-million pound international brand, taking very seriously both the business side of her career and hands-on chief executive duties.

“She is not normal,” asserts a high-ranking music executive who wishes to remain anonymous, which in an industry driven by elaborate dance routines and lavish production is saying something significant. This achievement propelled her to becoming the biggest-selling artist of the 21st Century with four albums that broke records globally as well as multiple awards won during an extraordinary career that started as working-class suburb of north London home life.