Stanley Cup Playoffs: 2021 Semifinal Series Price Odds and Picks

If the NHL ever stopped to breathe for a couple of days, the league may sense a grand opportunity to prepare, promote, and build suspense for what might be a classic “closing four” scenario featuring the defending Stanley Cup champs, North America’s hippest growth team in decades, and two clubs accountable for much more collective ice-hockey history than Lake Placid.

Instead, the National Hockey League likely to keep rushing the Stanley Cup championship combined. Sunday seems awfully early to inquire skaters to rise and shine to Game 1 of their 3rd playoff round, particularly because the Tampa Bay Lightning, Vegas Golden Knights, Montreal Canadiens, and New York Islanders were kindly enough to get Round two over with fast, with the four series-losers simply winning a total of 5 games between them. Even the NHL’s victorious rosters deserve greater rest, and so do the fans for that matter. Teams may ’t even buy a long break by immediately dispatching a rival.

Then again, this blogger has sung the praises of IIHF baseball for testing each national group ’s endurance, endurance, and depth as well as death, shooting, and even checking. Rather than whine about the NHL’s adamantine drive toward a proverbial “catch up” day where the calendar no further demonstrates the consequences of coronavirus or even 2020’s lockdown, it’s about NHL speculators to heavily-weight factors such as age, fatigue, and total wear-and-tear onto a playoff competition ’s lineup into our own forecasts to June and July’s remaining Stanley Cup faceoffs, much more than is customary for ‘capping games in the end of “shortened” seasons.

After all, since 2019, the NHL’s entire catch-up slate has felt just as a single, big, fat, long time. Young legs may grow to be a larger boon than usual, and aging snipers can become listless, now that skaters will still continue to battle into mid-summer weeks.

Not to get ahead of this narrative. The facts are that at least as of the end of Round two, veterans are dominating the NHL playoffs – specifically in the kind of 3 goaltenders.

Stanley Cup Playoff Recap and Futures Odds

After the Colorado Avalanche took a 2-0 series lead in the West Division finals, an unfortunate NHL blogger (who I won’t embarrass by connecting to this URL) wrote that 2021’s North Division finals were just a competition to “see which Canadian team would get removed by Colorado in the 3rd Round. ”

Now you wouldn’t say that the ruling has aged like fine wine. More like a leftover dish made out of fish. Or crow, possibly.

Colorado began the West Division Finals using a blow-out triumph over Vegas and have been touted as fine, at least when matched against the Avs’ particular branch. In under a week’s time, the  Golden Knights engineered an remarkable postseason turnaround and came out of conquer the vaunted Avalanche in only 6 games. Las Vegas granted only 8 goals in Colorado, the consensus most-lethal attacking team at the NHL led into the Stanley Cup playoffs, within the last 4 encounters.

Unsurprisingly, goaltender Marc-André Fleury was critical to this Golden Knights’ success. “Flower” was only forced to prevent 17 shots as the Knights dominated Game 4, so letting Canadian sniper Jonathan Marchessault to score a critical hat trick in a 5-1 Vegas triumph that tied the collection.

Fleury loomed larger in Game 5 at the Pepsi Center, maintaining the Knights in 2 goals prior to Machessault’s line came alive and helped spark a 3-2 triumph in overtime.

The Avs and Knights led back to Vegas for Game 6, where the momentum see-sawed forth and back till late in the 3rd period when LW William Carrier’s goal gave Vegas a commanding 5-3 lead. Max Pacioretty scored a skillful empty-net goal to put the match out with a 6-3 final. The 4-2 series victory was accompanied by a touching display of sportsmanship as the Knights passed up many chances to shoot an empty Colorado net in the last 2 minutes.

Taking a page in the KHL’s playbook, Golden Knights’ Fans hired a band and cheerleaders at the top deck to show appreciation for a post-COVID era packed home at T-Mobile Arena. If you would rather a Red, White, and Blue comparison, the spectacle atop T-Mobile’s rafters might have been motivated by James Brown’s serenade of Creed vs Drago in Rocky IV…together using the decent men managing to remain alive this moment. Vegas will go on to face the Montreal Canadiens in the Stanley Cup semifinals.

Other NHL Division Finals series turned into lopsided battles. Montreal unexpectedly grabbed the Winnipeg Jets behind brilliant netminding from veteran Carey Price, showing that the team ’s 1st Round upset of this Toronto Maple Leafs was no fluke. The defending champion Tampa Bay Lightning managed the Carolina Hurricanes in 5 games with a strong closing performance after a sour end to Game 3 at OT.

The Avalanche and Jets losses are terrible news for people who’ve listened to some NHL futures handicaps, however, a WagerBop dark horse select the New York Islanders remains in drama at 22/1. Clients could still put money into the Isles to prevail and win the Stanley Cup, but it’ll be at greater odds than the 22-to-1 line located in May, and especially shorter compared to the Isles’ chances when the team confronted a nearly-historic scoring slump during early spring. New York, much like the Vegas Golden Knights, rebounded from early miscues to conquer the Boston Bruins 6-3 within an East Division finale and fasten the Islanders’ spot in the next round.

Here’take a peek at Bovada Sportsbook’s NHL futures chances at June 12th:

Vegas Golden Knights +120
Tampa Bay Lightning +150
New York Islanders +575
Montreal Canadiens +1200

There are ample grounds to make the Vegas Golden Knights and Tampa Bay Lightning into Stanley Cup favorites with numerous other NHL contenders removed.

The Lightning are replicating their tournament kind of 2019-20, and the Golden Knights simply knocked-off the overwhelming futures-odds favorite of spring 2021. But even those speculators who handed up the Islanders and Canadiens at long chances shouldn’t overlook either group now as a possible futures series-price select as best-of-7 chain start.

Best-of-7 series are known for identifying the very best teams, but they’ve got a funny way of leveling the field, also. This stage goes in the Norman-Dale-Measuring-The-Rim category, but guess what? New York and Montreal can win a tournament at the 2021 Stanley Cup championship by winning 8 games during the next 2-3 weeksthe identical vessel as the Bolts and Golden Knights are at.

Besides, the remaining upstart GK in the 2021 NHL playoffs is a good’un. Ilya Sorokin of the Islanders was once considered a European European netminder by several scouts, but he’s came at North America in-earnest by almost rescue the Isles, that also have turned to the dependable Semyon Varlamov 7 times in the postseason, from early-round elimination in 2021.

Successful gambling is all about weighing the chances against the odds of an event occurring, in this case, a group winning a name. New York needed a better than 20/1 chance to win the Stanley Cup even when Isles snipers were departing sawdust in the slot back in April, and the Islanders have a better than 6-to-1 chance to last two more playoff series.

WagerBop’s Futures Picks: 

Tampa Bay Lightning (two unit bet max ) 

New York Islanders (two unit bet max ) 

Series Price Odds and Predictions: 2021 Stanley Cup Semifinals

Tampa Bay Lightning vs New York Islanders

Tampa Bay is a (-200) preferred to beat New York after a corker-performance in the branch round. A number of the Bolts are on fire with the puck in tow, ongoing to belie the group ’s sluggish operation in the 2019 playoffs and reminding fans that Tampa Bay is good enough to win full-season championships. Brayden Point gets the transition into a household name and a dreaded NHL sniper, scoring 8 goals in 11 playoff appearances.

But if you read the section above, you know we’re taking a contrary position on Tampa Bay vs NYI. Sorokin and Varlamov could challenge and confound Lightning snipers in ways they harbor ’t dealt with at the postseason however, and the Isles’ postseason shape is just a night-and-day resurgence when compared with the doldrums of March and April. Tampa Bay will enjoy home-ice benefit in Game 1, Game 2, and Games 5 and 7 when need be, and yes, even Florida won’t be shy to allow tens of thousands of yelling Bolts fans in the stadium.

If Sorokin can handle stopping pucks with Kremlin managers looking down from luxury boxes, he can handle people who yell loud in Tampa…and the Islanders might just deal with the Bolts, also.

Pick: Islanders (+200) 

Vegas Golden Knights vs Montreal Canadiens

Las Vegas is amazed with all the “home team. ” How impressed? The Golden Knights are a nearly prohibitive 1-to-4 Series Price preferred to beat the New York Islanders at Round 3, with the Isles drawing action at odds quicker than 3/1 to win the set.

Only since the Colorado Avalanche ran into the right storm in Sin City doesn’t mean Vegas mechanically matches-up nicely with its next two competitions. Colorado’s 2021 team developed a kind of offense with the quickest functional speed, and quickest-operating teamwork, ever seen in the modern NHL.

No rival was going to overcome the Avs by construction round the forecheck. Fantastic backchecking and greater goaltending has been the ticket to sandbagging the Avalanche, and the Golden Knights have possessed those qualities because coming into the league. Now, it may be Las Vegas playmakers such as Pacioretty that have their turn frustrated and not able to score.

Carey Price is playing like he really wants to make the 2022 Canadian Olympic Team, and at that pace he’s going to make a roster spot with the Maple Leaf. If Montreal may match with the grit of Golden Knight checking lines and counterattack if Vegas overextends attempting to jam-in a goal on Price, the Canadiens will have chances to steal the momentum and the 7-game series.

Just like the majority of 3-to-1 wagers, odds are the Canadiens will only become the latest Hab casualty of USA’s dominance in the Stanley Cup playoffs. However, the odds are far superior than 1-in-3 that Montreal will score the upset. Clients that choose WagerBop’s Series Price information for its semifinal round will win some sort of considerable percent payoff unless Vegas performs Tampa for Lord Stanley’s grail, assuming unit-bet area isn’t forgotten about.

Winnipeg scored 170 targets in 2020-21 and just 3 at the last 3 games of Montreal’s sweep-victory in the division finals. Therefore it’therefore said that NHL clubs in Canada (and the Islanders, for that matter) drop their luster at late springtime, but talk is cheap in contrast to current results, particularly in June.

Since we’re touting Series Prices with excellent gallons of juice to the favorites and low-risk chances on well-rested underdogs, the very least an honest NHL analyst may do is consider that our eyes.

Pick: Canadiens (+340) 

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