Now Playing – ReSrface Let’s Loose With “Give Me 100”

It’s ’s the final Now Playing Playlist of February and we requested local celebrity, Jesse Santana — also called, ReSrface, to curate this week’s blend. The Denver rapper was pleased to oblige and provide insight into his recent release. His most recent track, “Give Me 100” went streaming Saturday and features Illinoisan-born rapper, Futuristic. “Give Me 100,” is the kind of song which, “feels as if it might be played in a strip club without difficulty,” Santana admits.  It’s one of those tunes which make it socially acceptable to mutually grind with a stranger — even if times were different. The rapper admits it’s different from the lyrical quippy tunes he prefers, but wanted something much more fun. Curating a 14-song playlist such as Chance that the Rapper, J. Cole, Logic, and more.

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 Dreamville (ft. J. Cole, DaBaby & Lute) – “Under The Sun”

Jesse Santana (JS): This tune is just one of my favorites, by the start sample into the significant 808s which introduce the rap stylings of J. Cole, Lute and Dababy. The power and ease of the lyrics together with the three breaks performed by Kendrick Lamar are absolutely incredible and after I heard this tune all I’ve wanted to do was create a song this good.

Futuristic, Devvon Terrell – “Sub Me In”

JS: With Futuristic filling the characteristic place on the highlighted track of the playlist for, “Give Me 100” I believed it would just be rational to also include the tune of his that initially made me a lover. This lyricism and wordplay in this tune are second to none. I recall listening to this tune in my headphones cutting grass in 2018 never imagining that I’d get a trail at which that artist had been on my tune — it’s surreal.

Joyner Lucas – “Ultrasound”

JS: Joyner Lucas, because I initially discovered his songs a season and a half ago, has been one of my biggest musical inspirations. I particularly enjoy the degree of intellect that he uses when he writes and I really feel as this track has been one of their most unique monitors I’ve heard. Its originality and stand-alone sound remind me of the highlight trail.

Lil Tecca – “Ransom”

JS: Lil Tecca took on the globe and came out of virtually nowhere with his enormous hit Ransom which most described as perfectly encapsulating the “viral formula” in modern-day rap. How that he uses easy and quick language in the hook with little melodic variation motivated the formula for how I composed the tune, “Give Me 100. ” It’s a super fun tune to listen to at any point therefore I had to throw it in.

Lil Mosey – “Blueberry Faygo”

JS: Another tune which has been practically ordered by the start to be hit, Blueberry Faygo is an whole vibe. The way that the hook is so straightforward and fits the instrumental perfectly, I will ’t help but adore the track and also draw inspiration from it within my music.

Young Thug (ft. J. Cole & Travis Scott) – “The London”

(RS): The London is a strike trail that made me, as a hip hop fan, think that the utilization of modern-day hip-hop on the radio was complete. There was an era of time where down-right dumb rap was dominating the radio waves, with Lil Pump spearheading the movement. “The London” made me feel like as a whole we were getting back to music onto the airwaves.

ReSrface (ft. T-Rex)- “Laundromats and Payphones “

JS: “Give Me 100” is a tune which frankly I didn’t think really hard before I placed together. As opposed to almost every other tune I’ve written, this track feels as if it might be played in a strip club without question. Most of my songs is a little more considerate and emotionally stimulating, but in 2017 my friend Tariq and I composed a song which was only fun. It has gained tens of thousands of global plays, which I could’ve never foreseen if we recorded it on Audacity in his cellar, but this tune perfectly matches within this playlist because it’s wavy.

Mustard (ft. Roddy Ricch) – “Ballin’ “

JS: To this day among the best tracks I’ve heard in terms of quality of audio in addition to content, “Ballin’” from Mustard along with Roddy Ricch truly motivated me. It sounds so crisp and incredible but also has so much significance in every lyric that even though I feel like it motivated my trail, I’m trying daily to create a tune that feels like this one does when listening on headphones.

Aminé – “Caroline”

JS: One of my biggest struggles as an artist has been producing songs that’s simply less serious. I’m very particular when it comes to everything about my songs and oftentimes my obsessive compulsiveness can take the pleasure out but, “Caroline” is a track which Aminé created fairly early on in his career which was only fun. Fun to listen to, pleasure to rap, fun to sing and fun to experience. As soon as I was creating, “Give Me 100” I wanted people listening to possess as much pleasure as if I noticed “Caroline” in the Pepsi Center for the first time.

YG – “Toot It and Boot It”

JS: One of the strongest engineered strikes of the last 20 decades, “Toot and Boot It” from YG is merely a banger. The hook is so nice and so enchanting you could ’t help but sing along with it after hearing it a couple times. I desired, “Give Me 100” to do that exact same thing to whichever crowd was swallowing it.

J. Cole – “Work Out”

JS: From the memories of hearing this song on the radio for a sophomore in high school, to having a lot of unique memories throughout the years and connecting this tune to those, “Work Out” from J. Cole is a top-tier track in every way. I cannot say enough about this particular trail, or J. Cole as a artist, and how motivated I am, but I can say there wasn’t any way that this tune wasn’t creating the record.

Chance that the Rapper (ft. MadeinTYO & DaBaby) – “Hot Shower”

JS: The pounding 808s and effortlessness of the track make, “Hot Shower” such an energy-packed amazing track. I love the bars throughout and I think Chance that the Rapper deserved some love on this track

Logic (ft. J. Cole) – “Wizard of Oz “

JS: Logic and J. Cole, among others are two of my favorite rappers to exist. This trail is a super fun one to bulge in the car specifically on a nice day with the windows down. I tried to encapsulate that same thought in my track.

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