Live Nation Commits $10 Million to its Relief Fund for Live Music Crews

Behind every artist is an throng of industry specialists, including backline technicians, audio engineers, production and tour managers, light designers, special effects teams, carpenters and much more. As follows, the widespread place closures and concert cancellations due to the spread of coronavirus directly impact the livelihoods of an entire network of people — not only the ones you’d see onstage.

To encourage live music crews who rely on in-person shows to generate a living, the concert promotion business, Live Nation, is putting together a worldwide relief fund called Crew Nation. Live Nation has contributed a $5 million into Crew Nation, and it succeeds to match another $5 million donated by artists, lovers and assorted music community members onto a dollar-for-dollar basis. This rsquo;s a 10 million promise.

The relief fund has generated industry service that was impressive — Lady Gaga, U2, Billie Eilish, Madonna and Pearl Jam are still only a small number of benefactors.

100% of donations to the Crew Nation finance go to qualified applicants. The 501c3 business, Music Forward Foundation, will administer the fund and will choose recipients based on an objective determination of demand, according to its relief rollout webpage. Within the following week, Live Nation will contact crew members across the world “whose income is already affected because of this cancellation or rescheduling of a Live Nation event,&rdquo. The concert advertising company will also soon release an application for live music crews across the country and invite interested parties to continually check its site for following steps.

Live Nation has a formidable presence in Colorado’s live music economy, as its affiliated venues incorporate the Fillmore Auditorium, the Pepsi Center and Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox. It’s imperative to clarify, therefore, the workers of Live Nation will not be able to obtain financing from Crew Nation.

To contribute to this Crew Nation Relief Fund, go here. You might also purchase Crew Nation clothing to encourage the finance. To learn more about this particular initiative, take a look at its site , that includes an FAQ page in the base.

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