Review – Blink-182 Gave Fans Everything They Wanted Plus A Little Bit Extra

This summer marks the 20th anniversary of the most iconic choice albums of the ’90s — Enema Of The State. The album — released by the reigning kings of pop-punk Blink-182 — is still a part of the mid-’90s and early 2000s. Millennials nationwide love the record because of its hits, such as “What’s My Age Again” along with “All The Small Things. ” So, an opportunity to experience the hits of our youth in person was an experience countless Denver fans couldn’t move up — although the 20th anniversary of the album left us all feeling a bit older than we’kindly care to confess, I figure this is growing up.

Blink-182’s visit to Denver kicked off at the most suitable way using UK-based opener Neck Deep. The ring has climbed since their 2012 inception, amassing an amazing fan base. But their success in a scene which was dominated by Wednesday night’s headliner wasn’t the reason why their Pepsi Center appearance was suitable. Vocalist Ben Barlow is a enormous Blink-182 fan — in fact, he covered among the songs on YouTube a full year earlier Neck Deep formed. Considering the love that Barlow and the rest of the band have for Blink-182, there might not have been a better choice to open for the year’s many nostalgic trip.

If Lil’ Wayne’s eruption onto the stage was like a bomb, then Blink-182’s entry had the energy of a nuclear weapon. The titans of pop punk burst onto the stage and launched into the speedy punk of the early years. They ripped during the first few tracks of Enema Of The State without stopping for breath leaving fans who took too long to peruse merch and refill their beer between sets.

Although there were several reprieves in the onslaught of punk songs, the interludes between songs were filled with all the humor the band displayed on-stage through the first years of the career. Inflatable aliens were unleashed on the audience for “Aliens Exist,” the track in the record. With expanded heads it was tough to miss the comedy of prior vocalist Tom DeLonge’s obsession with UFO’s and aliens.

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