Midday open thread: Public banking gaining; costs to adapt to rising seas by 2040: $416 billion

Today’s Comedian by Ruben Bolling is Trump welcomes Russian troops to USA:

Study indicates that the adaptation to sea level rise can cost communities 416 billion by 2030: The analysis was undertaken by the Center for Climate Integrity, a project of the Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development. “High Tide Tax: The Price to Protect Coastal Communities from Rising Seas” is the very first study ever to estimate adaptation prices for those sections of the contiguous United States which are susceptible to tidal moves –130 counties in 22 states. It doesn’t represent the worst case scenario by far.   The analysis quantified the price of ldquo;building seawalls to protect infrastructure (like streets, buildings and homes) from moderate (not worst case) sea-level rise induced flooding over the subsequent 20 decades. ” There is also info regarding the span of decades out of 2060-2100. It’s smaller towns and cities where these prices will strike hardest since their sources are somewhat fewer than in bigger communities.  CCI’s Executive Director Richard Wiles said,”Our collective failure to come to grips with the massive costs of climate adaptation is the latest and most delusional form of climate denial.”

Here’s short movie about America’s biggest irrigated crop: your lawn.

Lead U.S. negotiator in North Korean discussions say the parties may ’t even agree on what a crucial term means: denuclearization: That’therefore clearly a problem as this is exactly what the Trump regime has all along said that the discussions will deliver. The June 12, 2018, agreement between the U.S. and North Korea said the two countries would ldquo;operate toward total denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. ” A year after, “We don’t have that agreed definition of exactly what denuclearization is,” stated Steve Biegun, the U.S. unique agent for North Korea, after his comments at the Atlantic Council.  “We will never get to our destination if we don’t even understand where we are going. ” According to an unverified North Korean record which the U.S.-funded Voice of America described as “an instruction manual for instructing top military officials Pyongyang’s official inner position,” Kim Jong-Un intends to strike a final deal with the United States that admits his nation like a “global nuclear strategic nation. ”



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In earlier unreleased movie, Freddy Mercury sings “Time Waits for No One”:

Universal Music on Thursday dropped the movie to get a previously unreleased — and good — version of a song in the late and legendary Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, “Time Waits for No One. ”

The recording — which captures the singer from his full-voiced glory and is no flimsy posthumous launch — languished in the vaults since it was listed in April of 1986 for the concept record of their musical “Time,” using songwriter/ producer Dave Clark, pioneer of the 1960s set the Dave Clark Five. Featuring Mercury followed only by piano, it’therefore dramatically different version in the greatly created, formally published one, and shows a heartwarming operation inclined to bring a tear into a buff ’s attention.

Advocates for American Indians told a Senate panel Wednesday that tribal police should have jurisdiction over violent instances committed by non-Natives on tribal territory. They also insisted that the federal government should do a better of job about the databases monitoring such crimes and that there needs to be a cohesive approach to deal with law enforcement demands in tribal communities. Bills seeking to improve the situation are pending in the Senate.  S.B. 290 would expand tribal authority to incorporate jurisdiction over violent crimes involving Native children and tribal police officers. S.B. 982–known as the Not Invisible Act of 2019–could establish a list of violent crimes in communities and put up committee to advise on methods for reducing those crimes against Native Americans. S.B. 227–Savanna’s Act–will require the Justice Department to upgrade federal databases regarding murdered and missing Natives by, among other things, permitting users to put in a victim’s enrollment. S.B. 288 would give tribes authority to prosecute sexual-violence crimes committed by non-Native offenders on Indian land. And S.B. 1853 would call for federal agencies to report missing tribal persons to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System.

Public banking effort makes headway in California: Small, neighborhood banks have become increasingly more popular in America, and that has hampered small businesses looking for loans which megabanks aren’t eager to extend. North Dakota offers a different, the nation’s only piggy charge. Among those advantages: there are just six times as numerous independently owned financial institutions in North Dakota as in the rest of the nation. The country bank supports small private creditors by helping to their capitalization and liquidity, and something that the bigger, out-of-state banks have been unwilling to take on.  And, since it doesn’t have investors rough profits, the public bank–some person bank–may offer lower rates of interest and easier terms than the megabanks. The concept of public banking has been spreading across the country for a couple of decades now, and lawmakers from coast to coast aren’t just speaking about it. Back in California, there’s AB 857–a bill introduced by Democratic Assemblyman David Chiu would authorize cities and counties to dominate banks mandated to serve the public interest. On Wednesday, that bill passed on the Senate Banking and Financial Institutions Committee.

On now ’s Kagro in the Morning series : Greg Dworkin reports that Trump’s still betting anger, Biden’s still tops in major indicators, along with House Dems are still coming out for impeachment. The 2001 AUMF reveals again how rules principle. Or, what you heard about Hyde yesterday was crap.

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