Instagram Gallery: Cardi B’s Top TMI Posts

Unfiltered and unapologetic, there is no denying that Cardi B owes much of her star status to her capability to bare it all. After turning her medium Instagram following into a spot on Love & Hip-Hop and then spring-boarding her popularity into a thriving career as a recording artist, Cardi B has somehow managed to reach megastar status all while staying true to her roots. Ever the opinionated, loud-mouthed, sexually-empowered woman from the Bronx, Bardi’s fans celebrate her penchant for getting real with her fans that other picture-perfect celebrities wouldn’t dare to attempt. 

While it’s no secret that her lovers praise her endlessly for her down-to-earth, goofy personality and just how relatable her comment on the world around her is, haters are constantly slamming the”Please Me” rapper for over-sharing her life on social networking. Not happy to just sit back and deliver just PR-friendly articles and clapbacks on social networking, Bardi will not scale back her Instagram rants to make her detractors comfy. 

“If I change myself, then I’m going to lose myself, and I won’t be who makes me happy,” says Bardi of her unwavering commitment to authenticity

When it’s sounding off about the status of her postpartum breasts, schooling her haters about the specifics of her anatomy (namely, what her fat bum looks like from certain angles) or simulating sex with Offset on the’Gram, Cardi B will post what she wants, when she wants – and she doesn’t care whether the public likes it or not. 

Check out the Instagram gallery below for the Bronx-bred rapper’s best TMI uploads. 

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder 

Hopping on Instagram Live during her brief separation from husband Offset, Cardi B waxed lyrical about the one thing she still missed about her better half – his manhood. 

Set The Record Straight

If you come for Cardi B’s man by claiming he’s posted up with another woman creeping on the low, she’ll respond in kind by telling you exactly what he was doing instead of breaking his marriage vows. 


“I don’t got no more in me left. You have ta give me an entire hour,” says Cardi during a simulated-sex session with Offset on IG live. 

No Shame 

If Cardi B has to fart during an Instagram Live session, she’ll make sure to move the camera down so her viewers can hear it as clearly as possible. “I farted. Wassup. Who’s gonna say somethin’?” said Cardi, challenging her followers to come for her in the comment section. 


Bardi has no problem detailing her activities in the bedroom with husband Offset. 


Unlike most celebrities, Cardi B isn’t shy about her willingness to go under the knife. When asked if she was getting any work done after giving birth to daughter Kulture, Bardi replied”of course,” because her”nipples be looking at her feet.” 

Hair Removal 

Getting hair removal surgery in a private area is normally not cause for a public announcement, but every part of Bardi’s life inevitably makes its way to her social media accounts. 

I Need It 

When Cardi B needs some lovin’, she wants the world. 

Mile High Club

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not Cardi B was a member of the mile high club, do not worry – she set the record during this IG Live session. 

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Anatomy Lesson 

If you skipped Biology 101 do not worry, since Bardi is here to remind all her followers what’s happening down there after an alleged wardrobe malfunction in the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. 

Let It Breathe 

Think there’s just 1 kind of wedgie? Think again. 

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